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The Agile Project Management Solution

Agile-Team™ unites project planning, resource  management, time reporting, defect tracking and customer support in one integrated system.

Agile-Team™ is designed with the focus to support modern agile development practices, but can also handle traditional projects as well as ongoing tasks in the same system. Each team  and project  may use individual customized processes and methods.

The innovative resource management  and automatic scheduling concepts of Agile-Team™ is a great help to plan and schedule projects.

With powerful facilities for project intelligence, Agile-Team™ can provide real-time  project  visibility and insight to all roles in the organization from top  management  to team  members facilitating better commitment and decision making on all levels.

With Agile-Team™, your company will be equipped to complete projects on time, within budget and with a better quality.

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With Agile-Team™ you can

  • Handle all tasks, bugs, issues, projects  and resources in one common database.
  • Use Agile, SCRUM, Lean, Waterfall methods.
  • Create reports, charts, burn downs, Gantts.
  • Use automatic scheduling, and handle resource management across the enterprise.
  • Easily change priorities of projects, tasks and resources.
  • Provide a portal to your customers for incident and issue management
  • Get workflow support from the issues are created until they are solved for the customer.
  • Get extensive support of time tracking and reporting.

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Agile-Team™ release notes

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See the release notes generated directly from the Agile-Team™ online database:

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Agile-Team™ Training Course


Two-days, in-depth, hands-on training in the management and use of Agile-Team™ by the Agile-Team™ experts.

Agile-Team™ project management software for SCRUM projects Training course

Press release


December 15, 2011: Agile-Team ApS announces establishment of presence in Western hemisphere and plans for establishment of presence in Asia-Pacific region.

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Using Agile-Team™ in different situations



Scrum has become the most widespread and successful of the agile development methods. This document illustrates how the unified project management tool Agile-Team™, can be used to manage a Scrum development process.

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Service Desk

Planning and managing in an ICT Support function and service desk environment is extremely challenging due to constantly changing issues, ever-changing priorities, and volume and breadth of scope of the service requests.

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Fixed Price Contract

Agile people regard the fixed price contracts being the root of all evil - but instead of fighting against the fixed price contracts, the paper shows how we can use Agile-Team™ and agile practices to achieve better results for the fixed price contracts.

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A Single Tool for all Roles in Project Management